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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stroking your poll

I wouldn't be surprised if this latest Zogby poll is yanked around by some, in such a manner as to give the impression of self-gratification, with the activity being encouraged as it meanders about the MSM and *TUS jerks whilst arranged in circular fashion.

According to Zogby:

U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006

Pamela at Atlus Shrugs has a great collection of analysis and critique. I'll give you a couple excerpts but read everything she links to.

Zogby: "Fake and Inaccurate"

Totally partisan. More evidence of prejudice from The Democracy Project.

Others might be cautious, but I'm not........I'm calling the Zogby poll bullshit. Here's why.

As can be seen, the poll is quite problematic. Serious questions about methodology, internal incoherence and improper analysis by some in the media, are painfully obvious. But, as we have seen before, ignoring such details allows partisans to imagine their poll is bigger and harder hitting than it actually is. You would think that some would want to avoid repeating embarrasing suprises (ie cBSmapesRatherGateNewsWeekKflush).

Unfortunately, due to the ferocity and glee that sometimes accompanies such media created feeding frenzies, it may be end up being another two-hander, with no time for such boring fact checking. But even that, for all of it's promise of fullfillment and ectasy, seems to have only reached coitus interruptus, once again. Though their repition of this activity has not yet led to blindness, they are most certainly suffering from a debilitating near-sightedness, which hampers accurate reporting. One would think that constant disappointment would cause people to modify their behavior. Sadly, the result seems to be a more frenzied grasping for the elusive and shortsighted goal of destroying the Bush administration, over anything possible. Hopefully there is a medical procedure for those suffering from hairy palms.

*TUS = the usual suspects - the howling Deans, Mooreons, Koskiddies, Sheehanbots and Garafolo types


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