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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hamas - What chance do they want?

With the election of Hamas to a majority in the Palestinian government, there is much concern over how we should react. Some would say that democracy must be respected and we should therefore give them a chance and not treat Hamas as a terrorist organization. But, does receiving a majority vote, automatically mean, that an enemy is no longer our opponent or threatening an ally?

Certainly, it must be clear, that a vote from the people does not mean that threats of destruction or acts of terrorism/war are no longer dangerous to those they are directed against. A leopard’s spots are not changed that easily. Have the words and actions of Hamas actually changed since being voted into power? That is what is important. Appealing to the results of a poll will not change whether or not they are actually still supporting war against Israel or terrorism in other countries.

We must also consider that there are those who speak out of both sides of their mouth. Arafat was known for saying the right words to Western media and then turning around and saying just the opposite in Arabic, when he thought no one was paying attention.<

This type of action can be seen by looking at the Hamas website in Arabic (H/T Atlus Shrugs) and then comparing it to the English version. Notice that the animation of the Jewish star being blown up by the mushroom cloud is not on the English version of the website.

Some will respond that this is only the military wing of Hamas, rather than the political party. But, what is the difference, other than a superficial presentation? When the elected officials of Hamas have said the following in recent days, what meaningful distinction is there?

Israel Reacts To Abbas Speech

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) -- With the Hamas dominated parliament sworn in, Abbas is asking the militants to form the next government. But he wants the group to honor existing peace deals and to negotiate with Israel.

A spokeswoman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry says "there is always hope" that Hamas could change but so far, Hamas leaders have rejected the conditions from Abbas.

If Hamas doesn't recognize Israel, Palestinians risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars from the U.S. and Europe.

But one leading Hamas lawmaker says that even after the speech from Abbas, negotiations with Israel are "not on our agenda."

I submit that there is none. Their words and actions speak for themselves. They have been given an opportunity to continue negotiating for peace. Having votes behind them does not change that they are still threatening war and destruction. Fortunately, the United States is withdrawing financial support until they change their stance.

[...}"So long as Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist, my view is we don't have a partner in peace and therefore shouldn't fund a government that is not a partner in peace," Bush told reporters on his plane returning to Washington from Colorado.[...]

This is not a disregard for democracy, but merely showing that votes have consequences. Being democratically elected is not some magic power card that means the world must fantasize that you are only singing about raindrops and roses while you go on, threaten violence and war, and reject peaceful negotiations. Hamas has been given an opportunity, but, currently, it appears the only chance they want, is to continue working to destroy Israel.


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