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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cartoon Jihad! Dhimmitude marches on

It matters not that Islamofascists do not defeat the west militarily when various institutions are giving in to their demands. When you reward violence by submitting, you only encourage more of the same. We have seen this with the media cowering in fear and not publishing “offensive” cartoons. It now appears that Yahoo has also bowed to the violence and submitted to dhimmitude. H/T Ace of Spades HQ

Is Yahoo banning Allah?

It appears from that story, that a new restriction has been invoked. One cannot use Allah as part of a yahoo id.

Included, is the text from a Daily Hampshire Gazette article the backs up the story.

Because Verizon is partnered with Yahoo, said Henson, Verizon customers are subjected to Yahoo's name filters, which apparently include the name "Allah."


ahoo spokeswoman Meghan Busatch did not dispute Verizon's account. However, in telephone conversations on both Wednesday and Thursday, she said she was unable to provide additional information and asked for more time to prepare a response.

That should be an interesting parsing of the words, once they get their act together.

Callahan said she is wary of any company that wants to forbid the use of the word "Allah."

"I wouldn't want to support a company that has rules like that," she said. "It doesn't help anybody in our world right now."

I don’t blame her. Good thing she doesn’t live in China though. We know how Yahoo works with oppressive governments when political dissidents are involved.

I’ve tested this myself and could not get the following to work for public profiles:


The message was simply that they were not available

However, these worked with no problem:


and with jesussucks I got

The identity jesussucks is already in use by someone else. Please select another one.

I invite others to test this and verify the matter for themselves. It appears to me that we have a new Dhimmitard to add to the list

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