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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cartoon Jihad - more death threats

The violence and threats of violence over offensive cartoons continues around the world. We now have an online business, Metrospy, being threatened for selling a t-shirt that displays one of the cartoons. H/T Jihad Watch

Hate Mail and Death Threats Target Seller of Mohammed Cartoon T-shirts

Conservative t-shirt maker MetroSpy set off a firestorm when their newest design depicted a caricature of the prophet Mohammed with a bomb wrapped in his turban. According to Islamic tradition, graphic depictions of the Prophet Mohammed are forbidden. MetroSpy's apparent disregard for this tradition has outraged many in the Muslim world, prompting some to voice their displeasure by sending the company hate-filled email, online viruses and even death threats.

Johnathan Alexander, MetroSpy's production manager, says he's never seen anything like it. “It's a silly little cartoon. We've sold designs far more offensive than this for years”, referring to a t shirt which reads, “My Jesus can beat up your Allah.”

“For people to become so enraged over a drawing that they resort to burning down buildings and threatening to kill people is something I'll never understand,” Alexander said.

In one email the person writes, “We kill you and burn your shop. I am Muslim with forces in the U.S.A.”

Another email claims to be from the terrorist group Al Qaeda. It reads, “You only have 5 days and your company will disappear. I promise!” The email is signed, Saalem Al Qahtani, Al Qaeda.

One of the more disturbing messages simply says, “In two days we kill your family."

Why can’t these people be satisfied with non-violent letters or targeted boycotts and peaceful demonstrations? As it stands, some have called for boycotts against all of Denmark. That’s rather foolish; all it does is give the appearance of fighting against all of western culture, rather than just one entity that managed to offend.

Fortunately, there are still some who express their offense without resorting to threats of murder.

In an email which was traced to Saudi Arabia, the writer asks, “Could you guys do a favor? Please eliminate this picture from your goods because it's very embarrassing to our religion. If you do that, it would be a greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.”

Another says, “I am sending this e-mail and I hope that you understand that what you are doing is offending more than a billion people in the world. I hope that your sales with other stuff be billions but not for this one offending product.”

But, are there enough within Islam who are peaceful, that this radical strain can be stopped? Do they care enough to do what is required?

Altogether, MetroSpy has received more than five hundred hate emails and attempted virus attacks.

Donia Saber of Elk Grove, California is an Islamic activist who writes, “I am deeply offended at the t-shirt company MetroSpy. Selling shirts with a picture of the Prophet is unacceptable and I assure you the Muslim community will not tolerate this.”

Despite protests over their offending design, MetroSpy plans to continue selling the t-shirts. As a precautionary measure however, MetroSpy has increased its security, sought the advice of a private investigative agency and remain in close contact with federal and local authorities.

Before reading this story, I had ordered a shirt with plans to post a photo. My intent is not to offend peaceful Muslims; instead, my focus is on the extremists who destroy Islam as a religion with their violent attempt to force an oppressive sharia or dhimmitude on those who would otherwise choose not to follow their exact precepts. My protest is also against those dhimmitards, who have submitted to violence by choosing not to post the cartoons. They do this despite there being Muslims who say we should display them to show how foolish the violent reactions are and to fight censorship. Submitting to the Islamofascists violence and threats of more to come is the precisely wrong incentive program to be creating. Though I disagree with other religions, I have no hatred for people of other faiths. But when radicals use religion as a cloak for psychotic rages and violence in an attempt to conquer others, it is no longer a religion to be respected, but a dangerous political movement that must be resisted. In short, I am not deterred.

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