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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Will they throw cartoon bombs? JIHAD!!! contrast/compare

The tit for tat of the Cartoon Jihad continues. Well, actually tit for riots, firebombs and calls to murder continue. It would seem that the extremists are trying to make a point by coming up with their own offensive cartoons.

Michelle Malkin covers several Stupid Islamists Stunts including:

A Belgian-Dutch Islamic political organization posted this and other offensive, anti-Semitic cartoons as a slap in the face to Denmark and newspaper editors around the world that have run the forbidden cartoons. The Arab European League patted itself on the back for its "free speech campaign" and for "break[ing] Taboos and cross[ing] all the red lines."

She makes the point that this is nothing new for Arab newspapers and nobody threatens violence and murder over it. Nothing like them emphasizing this obvious matter once again for us. While they have a valid point regarding inconsistent free speech issues in Europe, I do have to thank them for showing the difference between civilized people and psychotic barbarians. The not killing rioting and murdering over cartoons being the civilized people for those of slow wit or still recovering from smoke inhalation from being too close to a burning effigy.

Then again, maybe we should consider what the level of offense is and therefore how we should react considering the example of the extremists. Since the holocaust was about wiping out the Jews and actually happened, it would seem to me that a proportional reaction, again, based on the standards set by the Islamofacists, would be a few nuclear warheads dropped on Mecca and a couple other Arab cities. Perhaps they should think twice, before they try to make a point next time and thank Allah that we live by a higher standard than the Islamofascists.

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