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Monday, January 30, 2006

Will they throw cartoon bombs? Jihad!!!

I suppose that is too much to ask for. An international crisis is developing over satirical and yes, offensive to Muslims, cartoon depictions of the prophet Mohammed. I can sympathize with being upset but asking for laws to ban such things is rather ridiculous to put it politely. Though, I have to admit, it is better than the extremists throwing non-cartoon bombs at cartoonists or anyone who speaks the same langauage or happens to vaguely appear to have the same ethnicity as said blasphemers. Magic Statistics has a number of links as well as his own story regarding attention received because of this matter. One item in particular, caught my attention:
Scandinavians warned to leave Gaza This morning armed Palestinians stormed the European Union office in Gaza City, threatening Danes and Norwegians and demanding that they leave. Two Norwegian aid workers are on their way out of the region. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has warned Norwegian citizens against travelling to Gaza. The Danish Foreign Ministry warned Danes to be extremely cautious while travelling in the Middle East and North Africa. Yesterday the Danish national flag was burned in the West Bank in protest against the publication of 12 cartoons of Muhammad (see them all here, halfway the article) in the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten last September. Depicting the prophet is blasphemy according to Islam.
Good grief! Do the whack jobs not have a long enough list for reasons to physically threaten and kill people? These are freakin cartoons, boycott if you must, but violence?! To help fan the flames by justifying the anger, we now have Clinton comparing the cartoons to anti-Semitism. See the links at the Ace of Spades post:
In case you haven't seen this at LGF yet, that degenerate Clinton has just converted to Islam. Apparently, a couple of mild cartoons about Mohammed is the same as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. [...]

We finally have the UN recognize that the Holocaust occurred and then Clinton compares cartoons to the anti-Semitism that the Jews have endured. Great timing, fool! Atlas Shrugs has a good post on this cartoon Jihad as well as the UN acknowledges Holocaust with pictures that should put things in perspective for most people. Previous posts: A website that needs to be shut down *update* I'm nominating this and another post for Don Suber's Tuesday's Best Posts

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