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Sunday, January 29, 2006

10+ years - almost down the drain

Literally! Some of you may remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry mentioned his 13 year no vomit run.

The Masseuse

JERRY: No eight years isn't such a long streak.

ELAINE: It isn't?

JERRY: No I haven't vomited in thirteen years.

ELAINE: Get out!

JERRY: Not since June 29, 1980.

ELAINE: You remember the date?

JERRY: Yes, because my previous vomit was also June 29th... 1972. That's why during the '80 vomit, I was yelling to George: "Can you believe it? I'm vomiting on June 29th again."

The only vomit I can remember is my reaction to a particular breakfast beverage when I was a kid. I suspect I have since then, so let's just say 10+ years is my current run of vomitless living.

What brings this up? Well, I was reading the latest post at Atlas Shrugs. After smacking down the evil Iran North Korea and Hamas trifecta of whack jobs/crazy killers, she gives us this gem:

Meanwhile, the world fawns over Bill Clinton at Davos ....


But nobody could match the star power of former U.S. president Bill Clinton.


"He's a very clear thinker," Powell said. "He's very forthright about what he thinks the problems are ... that divide us around the world. But then in the end, wrapping up, he's a tremendously optimistic and visionary guy

So, in answer to her questions, "dry heaving yet?" and Are you vomiting yet? I have to say no, but you got me darn close. ;-p Read the whole thing but when you get to Billy boy, consider how sensitive you are to pukedom levels of fawning idolization. Don't say I didnt warn you.

Once you make it through the nausea inducing idolatry, be sure to check out her blog often. She is sharp and no wallflower and more evidence that our side has the hottest women. Hot, as I mean it, being a function not just of exterior beauty but also accompanied by intellect, good values, strength of character and courage. Or, as I am known for saying at times, smart is sexy.
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