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Thursday, January 19, 2006

A truce?

So, apparently little old Osama is offering us a truce.

Text: 'Bin-Laden tape'

I say: The war in Iraq is raging, and the operations in Afghanistan are on the rise in our favour, praise be to God.


We do not object to a long-term truce with you on the basis of fair conditions that we respect.

Condsidering the latest news:

U.S. Raid Killed Qaeda Leaders, Pakistanis Say

Two senior members of Al Qaeda and the son-in-law of its No. 2 leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, were among those killed in the American airstrikes in remote northeastern Pakistan last week, two Pakistani officials said here on Wednesday.

The bodies of the men have not been recovered, but the two officials said the Pakistani authorities had been able to establish through intelligence sources the names of three of those killed in the strikes, and maybe a fourth. Both of the officials have provided reliable information in the past, but neither would be identified because they were not authorized to speak to the news media.

American counterterrorism officials declined to say whether the four Qaeda members were in fact killed in the raid, or whether the men were among those who were the targets of it. But one American official said, "These are the kinds of people we would have expected to have been there."

If any or all were indeed killed, it would be a stinging blow to Al Qaeda's operations, said the American officials, who were granted anonymity because they were not authorized by their agencies to speak for attribution. They said all four men named by the Pakistani officials were among the top level of Al Qaeda's inner circle of leadership.

This "truce" reminds me of an altercation between some guys when I was in highschool. It was between an individual in my grade and an upper classman. They settled their differences in the wrestling room. It was clear that our classmate had done very well at blocking the other guy's punches -- with his face! I'm willing to bet he was thinking about ending it sooner than his opponent was. It gets rather tiring to be beating on your opponent's fist in that manner. I really hope people aren't going to actually propose that Bin Laden and his psycho followers are capable of mercy.

With our successes in mind, we also need to consider how much control Osama really still has over the various groups that compose Al Queda. As such, how much authority would a truce from this clown have anyway? That of course, is assuming he is still alive. The recording was of very low quality and only audio. This from someone who loved showing himself on video.

My opinion, is that at best, Bin Laden is not ready to be viewed publicly; which naturally brings up why that would be. I imagine living in a cave in the mountains isn't the most comfortable means of existence, especially for someone with a huge price on their head.

It may also be that Osama or perhaps someone else, is preparing the psychotic followers for his death or news of his death, if it has already transpired.

We will remain patient in fighting you, God willing, until the one whose time has come dies first. We will not escape the fight as long as we hold our weapons in our hands.

I swear not to die but a free man even if I taste the bitterness of death. I fear to be humiliated or betrayed.

So, truce or no truce? I say - kiss my ass! And while your trying to understand the meaning of that phrase I hope your pucker is met by one of our missiles or a well placed shot by one of our brave soldiers or allies in this war you started.


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