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Friday, January 13, 2006

Online "satanists" are sooo impressive

For new readers, that title is sarcasm, which I use often for circumstances like this. Lately, I've been burned out on politics and there are plenty of people in the blogosphere covering such matters anyway. So, for grins and giggles, another silly post by someone attacking Christianity and my reply to them. The original post in bold, my responses in regular text. Have fun :-)


this is it,

oooooh, the suspense is killing me


Apparently you choose to experience this personally. Yep, I cheated and read ahead.

you thrive on self deceit,

Look up Freudian projection


Cap locks do not an argument make

letting "god"

oooh dismissal quotes, how persuasive.

hold all authority over your lives is merely condemning yourself,

non sequitur

not to the hell you have created for your mishaps

someone needs to study before bloviating.

but condemning your flesh in whole to be grounded below your minds.

I sense an objection to that. Apparently someone believes the mind should be controlled by biological urges, with this post being evidence of the function of waste elimination taking priority over mental clarity.

in your body you survive to simply restrain all your functions functions you couldn't ever control(lust,greed,hate,sloth,glutony,and others).

see previous

perhaps you believe these to be contained ,and that god will accept you.

look up salvation - it's actually a subject covered in the Bible.

look at your pathetic self this is blasphemy to your beliefs just by living,you cannot help but indulge in these "sins",are you trying to trick your god.certainly you are ignorant and hypocritical.

see previous and also look up forgiveness while you are at it.

Hail the true king of the earth and bearer of undefiled wisdom,HAIL SATAN!!!

and blah blah blah blah blah

Let me know when you are willing to have reasoned debate/discussion.


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