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Friday, December 30, 2005

Just for grins and giggles and because I can

I'm sure many of you are aware of such online communities as myspace. I have recently been subjected to a kid (LIL D) pestering me about some issues regarding Christianity. Rather than message me privately or bring up the subjects in a Christian group I participate in, he instead, clutters up the comments section of my profile taunting me. So, just because I can, I thought I would let some of my blog readers see a bit of the exchange. Enjoy :-)

LIL D - D for dork?

I'm getting a little tired of you cluttering my comments with your idiocy. If you want to debate you can message me or you can bring up subjects in the Hardcore Christian group. I as well as others will see if what you have to offer passes scrutiny. However, it needs to be much better than what you offer here or some atheists will laugh at you.

For my summation of an infinte causal regress argument go to my public blog here.

As to your refutation - your "argument" in bold, my reply in normal text.

OH Mark dont you understand? The universe is eternal,

Unsupported assertion and the current science says otherwise on top of it.

leaving way for evolution to happen,

Vague assertion. You mean macro or micro, completely natural and undirected or theistic evolution or Intelligent Design? Furthermore, if the age is infinite you have the problem of entropy, unless you are going to admit to the universe not being a closed system, which pretty much shoots naturalism only out the window.

the universe does not need a God.

Again, unsupported assertion. Are you ever going to provide an argument?

Just like you think God is eternal I say the Universe is eternal.

Classic misunderstanding of the argument. Go read the summary at my blog. An uncaused cause is the logical conclusion not an arbitrary assignment.

Dont give me the historical regression argument because just because we dont understant the concepts of infinity does not mean that they do not exist.

We do understand the concepts of infinity that is why the argument stands. Infinity exists fine in concept but cannot exist in the real world due to the problems I point out in my short summary, which is due to our understanding of infinities.

Furthermore, the problems of traversing an infinite series are not because of man's limitations but due to the very properties of infinite sets, which exist independent of man. Just like 2 + 2 still equals 4, before mankind ever developed mathematics.

Man I am going to be the next philosopher... I refuted the infinite regress argument... yay..

No, you only managed to prove how flexible your body is by shoving your head up your ass.
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