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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A website that needs to be shut down had previously been shut down due to a death threat against Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.

An excerpt from his original report:

One poster put up my picture, with this underneath:
ROBERT SPENCER, the director of Jihad Watch, is a writer and researcher...

To which one responded:
I believe he's already on the hit list, nothing new..

Other responses:
i support al qaida to the fullest... and what read that you munfiq [hypocrite] spy

aint no one stop us from supporting our brothers in JIHAD against these dirty crusaders, jews or mushriks [polytheists].

sis how you feel being singled out by this kafir [unbeliever]

Lol, i was shocked at first, but then, it made me more determined! Lol, if they think this is going 2 stop us ppl, then they got it rong.when ppl read ther stupid posts,they will want2 be more active and actually do something....Lol, and that robert, i feel like trowin him under a bus........or getting a missile and shootin him with it.Obviously i would need a missile first.Anyone got 1?..................LOL

Be sure to read the entire post, as there are more such comments. Unfortunately, the site is back up and posters there are vomiting more of their bile against those not filled with blinding hatred for non-jihadists as they are.

Jihad Watch reports again: is back, so I thought you might be interested in seeing the reaction they had to my publicizing of their death threat against me. This material was posted on the RevivingIslam forums in the three days between my posting the threat and the shutdown of their site -- a shutdown that has now proved to be temporary.

I expect that most people in this country still don't realize that there are some among us who pray such prayers and harbor such wishes. I hope that law enforcement officials are looking out for the people who posted these things, although no one has responded to my reporting of this material.

The "Jew at Jihad Watch" to which they're referring is, of course, me. I am honored by the designation, but it is erroneous, and arises from the Qur'an's depiction of the Jews as the most persistent and clever enemies of Islam.

Jew At Jihad Watch Strikes Again, Claims He's not a Member of RI

May Allah rip out his spine from his back and split his brains in two, and then put them both back, and then do it over and over again. May He put this friend of shaytaan in the worst part of jahannum. Ameen.

And Allah is capable of all things.

All of the following is written by Richard Spencer ash-Shaytaani [that is, Robert Spencer of Satan] on his Jewish Zionist blog, where he quotes some of the posters on this board. I've put these quotes into [quote/quote] to make it easier to read without going to his Hedonistic web site....

It may be that some (all?) of this is just your typical Internet troll. The type that likes to throw flames in any discussion and snicker at the drama they create. But who wants to take the chance, that the type who say such things are not serious? Even if everyone one of those comments is just from someone with the adolescent mindset of an Internet troll, why risk their rhetoric possibly inflaming someone else, who will do much more than merely throw around flaming rhetoric?

I think the website should be permanently shut down. Hopefully, that will be the result, this time. Though I am sure some of my readers are aware of methods, or know someone who is, that can cause a website quite a lot of trouble until then. Just sayin ;-)

The Jawa Report has information about who the site is registered to along with contact information for the site's servers.

H/T Ace of Spades

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