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Saturday, June 04, 2005

About that Koran abuse

Apparently, one of the incidents involved a guard urinating near an air vent and wind blowing the urine onto the detainee and his Koran. The shocking urine headlines are very much undermined by the rest of the report. The detainee had no qualms reporting this and ended up with a new uniform and Koran. The guard was reprimanded and given other duties to eliminate contact with prisoners. Hardly official policy or widespread, systematic abuse, as Amnesty International, the MSM or the usual suspects would have people believe.

But since a urine incident of some type occurred, I guess we can expect the following from certain types of politicians, the MSM, mommy groups and other advocacy (whaa whaa) organizations.

  • You may only urinate x number of times per month.

  • You will have to endure a background check before urinating.

  • Illinois will require a Urinators Identification Card to be updated periodically. If you fail to follow this bureaucratic regulation then you may not urinate lest you be subjected to fines and/or jail time.

  • Urinating in restrooms will not be allowed in religious establishments, sports arenas or places that sell alcohol.

  • You may not travel with a full bladder as that means you are carrying urine in a concealed manner.

  • Only certain types of urine delivery systems may be allowed. While they all function the same, some are just scarier looking than others.

  • Large bladders will be banned.

  • As they try to implement these regulations, we will constantly hear that they are not trying to ban urinating but just want to implement "common sense" controls.

    As for my serious views on the matter, well it's hard for me to get worked up over the destruction or desecration of mass produced copies of the Koran when Muslim terrorists are blowing up mosques, presumably destroying Korans in the process and oh yeah, killing Muslims as well. I could understand horror over irreplaceable original documents being lost, kind of, like when ancient Buddhist statues are destroyed, but reacting violently and killing people, just does not make sense to me.

    Michelle Malkin has much more on the Gitmo report with excellent commentary and links galore.
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