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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Another interesting contrast

A legal battle is being waged between Planned Parenthood (PP) and several states trying to gain access to their youngest patients records. PP is arguing for client privacy and protecting abortion "rights", while the states are concerned that children have been molested and that it has been covered up or ignored. Health professionals are required by law to report if they have suspicions that such a crime has occurred.

Recently, an Indiana judge has ruled against PP and stated they must show these records. This is as it should be; child abuse and sexual molestation are serious matters.

From the NY Times (You have to register):

CHICAGO, May 31 - Planned Parenthood of Indiana has to show state investigators the medical records of some of its youngest patients, a judge ruled on Tuesday. The judge rejected the organization's contention that disclosing such records could have a chilling effect on patients across the state.

Since March, Attorney General Steve Carter has been seeking the records of more than 80 patients younger than 14, saying his Medicaid fraud unit is trying to determine whether children have been neglected because molesting incidents were not reported to the authorities as required. Under Indiana law, anyone under 14 who is sexually active is considered a victim of sexual abuse, and health providers are required to report such cases to the state authorities.

Many, throughout the spectrum of beliefs on abortion, should be able to agree that medical professionals should not protect those committing these crimes. It is the same as being outraged by a health care worker ignoring clear signs of child abuse; even worse, if that individual is doing so merely to protect their job or profit margin.

What is missing in all of this though, is outrage from the MSM. It is interesting to compare how the media attacked the Catholic Church for hiding information about priests accused of molesting children and yet, hardly a peep of indignation about PP doing nearly the same thing. Will we have specials about PP aiding the commission of such acts? Will the pundits rail against the abortion provider as they did against the Catholic Church? I would recommend that no one hold their breath waiting.

Yet, clearly, the same criticisms about institutional cya, callous disregard for the victims, placing the institution above the law, as well as others, also apply to this matter. Unfortunately, for the MSM, abortion rights have become an establishment more precious in their worldview, than the Catholic Church, or any religious faith, for that matter. That such a morally flawed act could be raised to a level above that of venerable and centuries old religious faiths, so much so, that violations of law can be swept away with hardly any criticism, is a sad indication of the MSM's moral bankruptcy and extreme bias.

Perhaps, if the priests had only molested girls and paid for the abortions they could have avoided the MSM onslaught. Unfortunately, the Church would still have the fatal flaw of being a religious faith and worse yet, pro-life. You see, religious faith is acceptable only as long as it allows abortion. Better yet, if one self identifies with that pathetically vacuous term "spiritual but not religious", while actually being a proud participant in the abortion holocaust.

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