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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Terri Schindler again or far worse?

If this is true it is possibly even more disturbing. As covered by BlogsforTerri:

...a man with severe brain damage whose wife wants to remove his feeding tube. Scott Thomas is apparently aware, responsive and able to communicate. Reminiscent of several similar cases, Scott received his injury last November while alone at home with the person who now wants him to die.


Scott Thomas' wife and mother are in a legal battle for guardianship. His wife Eliza wants to move him to hospice and have his feeding tube withdrawn. Scott's mother, Pamela Patton, claims that Scott has indicated to herself and to nursing staff that Eliza tried to kill him by hitting him on the head and that he doesn't even want to see her. According to Scott's mother, Eliza has ordered medical personnel to not give Mrs. Patton or other family members any information about Scott's medical condition.

If the story holds, it is clear that the culture of death is continuing its hideous march. I would not have expected such things to follow on Terri's tragedy so quickly. It is almost as if the difference between good and evil is being sharpened as we move ever closer to a culmination in mankind's experience that many religions and myths speak of. Many prayers will be required as the final days approach.

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