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Friday, May 13, 2005

Our cultural elites - Too funny :-)

If you haven't heard, "political" socialite Arriana Huffington has started a blog to counter the "right wing" bloggers. I really could care less about her little tirades against SUVs when she flys chartered jets or has more cars than I could ever afford. But I'm not going to pass by some excellent commentary and hilarious spoofs at her expense ;-)

From John Podhoretz at NRO the Corner:


Arianna gets punked. Very funny.

The latest from Libertas:

Huffington Post IV

Money quote:

The Huffington Post is supposed to act as counterweight to Powerline and Michelle Malkin. Is this the kind of nonsense that’s going to get the job done? After three days, I’m still waiting for even a hint of substance. The whole site brings home the truth of the post-election diagnosis that liberal America is a victim of its own near complete paucity of ideas.

And finally the Huffington Is Full of Crap blog

Have fun at the cultural elites expense.
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