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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Freedom of speech - with correct ID

Unless you happen to be an illegal alien. Then some law enforcement officials won't care and will in fact assist you in breaking the law. Michelle Malkin has a SPECIAL REPORT: INSIDE AN ILLEGAL ALIEN RALLY and shows the ridiculous mentality of some in the open border crowd.

On Saturday afternoon, I drove to Rockville, Md., for a large "gathering to condemn the REAL ID Act." (The act will tighten driver's license standards to prevent illegal aliens from obtaining the IDs, close asylum loopholes, and provide funding to fix a huge gap in a border fence between California and Mexico.) Casa de Maryland, a government-funded open-borders group, organized the protest on the public school athletic field at Richard Montgomery High School.

Notice the ambivalence of an officer she interviewed at the protest.

Asked if the Department of Homeland Security had been notified of the illegal alien rally, Lt. Hack emphatically said no. "We're here to help them."

Even if they're here illegally? I asked. "We don't want to initimidate anyone," said Lt. Hack.

Shouldn't you report people to DHS if you know they are here illegally? I asked. "That's not my responsibility," he said.

Now compare this to how they treated Michael Graham, a radio talk show host. It's maddening that her clarity and common sense are not shared by many of our politicians, business leaders and law enforcement personnel who encourage or facilitate illegal entry into this country. During a time of war no less.

The cops didn't mind intimidating Michael Graham, however. The WMAL-AM talk show host, who came provocatively dressed in an INS t-shirt, was denied entrance onto the taxpayer-subsidized, public high school field by organizers who said the protest was "invitation only." When he presented ID showing his affilation with WMAL/ABC News, organizers of the illegal alien driver's license rally told Graham he didn't have proper ID.

Yeah, that's right. They told him he didn't have proper ID.

Five cops surrounded Graham as he went back to his car. I asked Lt. Hack whether Graham would be allowed into the event. He said while Graham had a right to be there, the cops "wouldn't and couldn't guarantee his safety." Lt. Hack referred dismissively to Graham as a "nut" and a "troublemaker," at one point doubting that Graham was who he said he was. If only the cops had as much skepticism about the identities of all the "undocumented workers" at the rally as they did for a law-abiding citizen.

She has much more with links and information about the MS-13 gang of illegal immigrants that is raising concerns due to their extreme violence. Take the time to read it all. You will be better informed and probably quite appalled at the bipartisan foolishness that exists on this matter. Be sure to also check out her Immigration Blog.

Things like this remind me of what Khrushchev, said -"Communism will dance on the grave of the capitalist and we will sell you the rope you use to hang yourself". Regarding illegal immigration, apparently some businesses will also sell the music to dance to. Politicians will show up for the event to get a photo op. Most frustrating is that some law enforcement will help them because they don't want to intimidate anyone. Well, they will if you're a citizen and have the proper id. Welcome to Bizarro World.
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