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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Loose lips - kill people

But who cares if more American or Iraqi troops or Iraqi civiilans are killed as long as you can ridicule Bush and whatever "neocon" you have in your sights? Michelle Malkin covers a mistake made in releasing redacted documents in the Sgrena investigation:

Several bloggers following the Sgrena investigation are linking today to a leaked version of the U.S. military's report on the incident, which appears to inadvertently reveal critical classified information. The link points to an Italian newspaper that gives instruction on how to copy and paste "hidden" text in the PDF version of the report. The genie is out of the bottle. But please be aware of the anti-war, anti-American agenda of those who are gloating over the leak.

As a Slashdot poster notes, a comparison of the redacted and exposed versions of the report suggests that much of what was redacted contains operational details, such as:

* An itemization of IEDs and VBIEDs deployment techniques which have been most effective,

* An analysis of the tactical strengths and weaknesses of specific checkpoints along "Route Irish",

* Combat readiness assesment of the units and soldiers involved,

* A detailed description of how the checkpoint is laid out,

* Exact grid locations of various assets.

* Details of how checkpoint searches are set up and executed

* Details of how checkpoints are expected to deal with approaching vehicles, including threat assesment methods.

* A statistical analysis of "normal" traffic approaching the checkpoint.

It names the soldiers involved and details the specific actions taken by those soldiers. It names the soldier who killed Calipari.

It briefly describes U.S. Embassy procedures for transporting VIPs along Route Irish and in general.

It details movement of U.S. and Italian Embassy personnel.

It describes possible future procedures and configurations for checkpoints.

In other words it has a lot of information of potential use to an insurgent mission planner and a lot that is nobody's business...

Note the gloating she links to and especially the comments at some of those sites.

If what the slashdot poster says is true, it is pathetic that some would care more for being able to amuse themselves rather than preventing more Coalition soldiers or innocent Iraqis being killed. I have seen this sneering contempt before on other issues. People who would place amusement on such a high level and disregard any respect for life or the safety of others can hardly be considered human. They barely rise to the level of a sneering jackal scavenging over dead carcasses.
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