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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cockroaches are disgusting

This site is truly hideous. That someone would take the time to express such vile contempt for those who serve our country is a sign of such idiocy as to be beyond proper description.

A few selections from this filth:

"Forsake The Troops" believes that as it stands currently, the compensation, benefit, and retirement packages that our active duty and retired military personnel get is outrageous, obscene, unearned, and above all.....undeserved.


These scumbags, who couldn't hack it in the civilian work force, made the choice to leech off of the American taxpayer...

Sheer stupidity speaks for itself:

If the USA had kept its paws out of both World Wars, and Vietnam, just to name a few mindless wars, families wouldn't have been broken up, and things would have been a lot better.

The front page is even worse:

Two entertaining photos for your injured US soldier being carried away like the candy-ass punk he is, and a dead US scumbag (aka member of the US military) who will now probably cost the taxpayers money for many years to come.

Maybe a little light shined on the cockroaches will make them scurry away into the darkness where they belong. Then again, such rotting bile can only come from a deranged narcissist.
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