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Thursday, April 21, 2005

GOP Senators - Still wusses!!

As I said in an earlier post - I can think of a better term derived from the feline etymology but I would prefer not to offend some of my readers. It seems that GOP Senators are more about being liked and "bipartisanship" (i.e. do what MSM and liberals want) than about standing up and supporting the President or doing what is best for our country...

So now it looks like the nuclear option is a bust. Professor Bainbridge predicts it will not happen

As the showdown over Democrat filibustering of Bush's judges looms, my guess is that the Republicans will not exercise the nuclear option. The Senate GOP is historically spineless - my guess is that as many as 7 may vote no.

The The Unalienable Right has a roundup of others.

Lileks has a lot to say about the senate in general and it is well worth reading it all.

I’m starting to suspect that the entire Senate should be abolished. Purge the lot of ‘em. Their drivel may be no less meretricious than their House counterparts, but it’s usually slathered with sanctimony about the Noble Nature of their particular chamber, how they’re the saucer into which passions are poured to cool. (By “cool,” they often mean “frozen to the consistency of a glacier layer laid down when the Bourbons were still a going concern.”) Such airs! They’re the only branch of government that regularly advertises its special nature and higher purpose – it’s like having a special branch of the Kiwanis made up entirely of bankers who announce, before each meeting, that they’re better than the realtors and insurance salesmen. And why? Because there are fewer of them. Well, there are fewer experts in quantum physics than there are Special Forces soldiers, but I know who I’d want to drop at night into a warzone.[...]

Really, what is the point of having Republicans in the Senate? They don't have the cajones to do anything other than blah blah blah we are so honorific in our institution. Wonder how that bloviating will sound when they are voted out? I don't really feel all that motivated or intellectually interested in helping re-elect any GOP senator that is acting like a [meow].
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