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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

High school horror

Marc with "C" had this at his blog some days ago. It is horrifying and should have raised quite a few alarms in the national media by now. We constantly hope that there are adults that will be good examples for children. At school it would seem we could be certain the teachers and administrators would be that for our children. Yet here we have adults attempt to cover up a violent sexual assault. With examples like that is it any wonder that other students just watched?

A story on WKMG's (Central Florida) website tells of a disabled girl in a Columbus, Ohio high school who was punched in the face by four boys and then forced to do acts which I will not describe here. All this happened while a video camera was filming and a few dozen students watched the attack. When the girl was discovered by school officials with a bloody mouth, the principal, Regina Crenshaw, called the girl's father and requested that the father not call 911 to avoid media attention. The father did call the police, and the principal was fired.[...]

Fortunately Michell Malkin is covering this now and she has links to others in the blogosphere that are discussing the issue as well. Hopefully the word will continue to spread and finally get the attention of the MSM.

It is unfortunate but seems obviously true, that if those committing the assault and those trying to cover it up were officials in the Catholic church, we would have had wall to wall reports and commentary from the usual suspects by now.
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