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Friday, April 15, 2005

Darn - I missed the "wilding"

If you missed it, that title is delivered with an extreme level of sarcasm, including my eyes nearly rolling out of my head. What prompted such a reaction? Only a few excerpts from Mapes' book treatment.

The Anchoress has them here but just one to peak your interest:

“Conservative bloggers are part of the story. They have vilified me, mounted a “wilding” attack against me…we were, it seemed the first victims of a new kind of digital McCarthyism, which uses the same techniques as the old McCarthyism–rumors, slurs, false charges and ugly attacks–but now employs the Internet, talk radio and cable TV echo chamber to ricochet information around the world…meanwhile, the mainstream media…were happy to stoke the firewood on a competitor’s funeral pyre, repeating the conservative blogs, mischaracterizing events and not doing any real reporting of their own. Honestly, it hurt. It all hurt terribly….”

Unfortunately I did not have a blog at the time all the cBS problems and Rathergate occurred so I missed out on being included in this illustrious "wolf pack". I did participate in discussions in an online forum so maybe that counts. I can only hope :-)

Besides the excerpts The Anchoress has written a good summation of what we have before us.

There is more, and some of it is downright explosive, but I’m not printing it here; your Anchoress doesn’t want that much heat. Suffice to say, Mapes is channeling Al Pacino in both Dog Day Afternoon and Scarface. She says, “say hello to my little friend, insider knowledge,” and then fires her Gatling gun at everyone from Julie Chen to Les Moonves to Dick Thornburgh. It is easy to imagine her pummeling her hands in the air screeching, “Attica! Attica! Attica!”

It’s stuff that makes you say, “OUCH, that’s gonna leave a mark!”

I read this and I can’t decide if I want to vomit, weep or laugh until my guts spew forth.

My little addition is that Mapes sounds like her head is spinning all exorcist like, as she vomits out her bile at anyone within range. Such rage can't be healthy but the silliness in trying to claim victim status is well, hard not to laugh at. I don't want to put money in Mapes pocket but it will be difficult to resist buying her little tome. I haven't read a good rip roaring comedy in a long time.
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