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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bolton nomination - more idiocy

From the New York Times:

E-Mail Exchanges Reveal More Bolton Battles

An excerpt and what I consider most relevant in bold

None of the dozens of messages reviewed by The New York Times were from Mr. Bolton. But the correspondence, spanning a period from February to September 2002, included e-mail sent to Mr. Bolton by his principal assistant, Frederick Fleitz, as well as extensive exchanges between Mr. Fleitz and Christian P. Westermann, the State Department's top expert on biological weapons who clashed sharply with Mr. Bolton over Cuba.

So more of the same, except for that little detail of the emails not even being from Bolton. Basically, you have the opposition complaining that he is not nice enough to be at the UN. Hmm, seems to me that an organization that has the Oil for Food scandal, multiple scandals for rape by its "peacekeepers" and a bureaucracy that cannot stand up to genocide or reform itself needs someone who can be a bit rough.

Then again some of these accusations are not even holding water:


1982 OR 1983

Profession Bainbridge makes the point very well Snarlin' Arlen and John Bolton

The Philadelphia Daily Times wants Arlen Specter to vote against John Bolton:

They've got to be kidding. In 2004, Arlen Specter was selected as the "meanest senator" in Washingtonian Magazine's poll of Congressional staffers, which was Specter's fourth appearance on that hall of shame. If he ends up voting no on Bolton, Specter damn well better come up with a better reason than Bolton's purported meanness.

This is absolutely ridiculous. What one of these imperial Senators has always been a lovable huggable boss? Other than with buxom interns that is. Does Hillary or Bill Clinton's treatment of subordinates disqualify them from government service or the White House? Anyone remember the travel office staff that got fired and one of them smeared just so Hillary could get her buddies a plum job? What about John Kerry and the manner in which he carries himself before the (in his view) lowly masses?

Has insanity gripped the Democrats and the castrated Republicans agreeing with them?

Finally, there is now a website Check it out for up to the minute news and analysis.
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