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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Moving to a new neighborhood - Issue #7

Special issue explanation here

With that book about Bill Clinton coming out, I thought it was a good time to move another editorial from my old website to my blog.

October 7, 2004
Are Chicago Women Really This Stupid?

An inflammatory question to be sure but I think I have good reason to ask. Recently, I finally saw the Oprah show that featured Bill Clinton. I had heard that it was nearly a love fest for the ex-president but I had to see for myself. Unfortunately what I heard was true. My initial reaction was to wonder how can these women be that stupid.

It is unfortunate that the audience would be so one-sided as I know some women that live in Chicago. I would not be surprised if they walked up to the ex-president and punched him. But unfortunately that would not do for the image Oprah and Clinton wanted to produce. Such is the nature of these shows and of course there would be no shortage of adoring women to fill the audience for Clinton’s appearance in a city like Chicago.

Why should I react this way to their loving devotion to every word that fell from his lips? One item that concerns me is that Clinton says it was easy to fight them (Starr and the Republicans) because they were destroying individual’s lives in an effort to get him out of office. As he says this type of thing the women in the audience lovingly nod in approval and gaze upon his visage with looks of adoration.

The problem is the utter hypocrisy of that statement when uttered by someone like Bill Clinton. Did anyone in the audience not remember his first reaction to the Monica story breaking? He sent out one of his surrogates to try and peddle a story to the media portraying Monica as someone who was stalking the President. Imagine that, the most powerful man in the country, very nearly the world, saying that you are stalking him! Fortunately he did not succeed at this but it is telling that his first method of lying about the matter would involve completely destroying her with such a slanderous charge.

I know for those that looked at him as saving women from those evil Republicans, it must be hard to try and remember such things. But if supporting the causes of liberal women is all it takes to get a pass on sexual harassment and slander to protect your backside; then I suggest the “old school” Neanderthals still out there in the business world at least start to put up a good pro-choice, pro-whatever liberal woman cause act, so as to gain brownie points against their own commission of assaults against women that Bill Clinton got away with. Anyone remember NOW doing much to support Monica or any of the other women?

It goes far beyond an affair with a subordinate and lying under oath. I know Oprah is not going to ask anything very difficult of the ex-president. Maybe she had to agree to a limit on the probing just to have the interview. But I am sure a good portion of those women felt they had the whole story now. Who can blame them? I have to admit that Bill Clinton is extraordinarily gifted in pressing the flesh so to speak. The man has quite an ability to schmooze people. It takes quite a concerted effort to keep in one’s mind his actual behavior while he is working his magic on you and the audience.

But what happened to, I am woman hear me roar? It seems it has now become I am woman let me get on my knees in your office because you support my particular political cause and/or you lavish me with attention that makes me giddy like a school girl. Never mind that another woman is accusing you of rape and another of sexual molestation. Never mind one of those women is being harassed and threatened because she came forward. Never mind that you lied in a civil case concerning sexual harassment. Apparently other women suffering at the hands of this creep are unimportant because all a woman really wants is attention lavished on her and on her desire to kill her unborn child.

There was a time in this country when the ability to vote was limited to a much smaller group of people than it is now. Women and those that did not own property were prevented from participating in the political system. I suspect that some may have thought that women were too flighty and not rational enough to participate in politics. It is certainly a good thing for women that the Oprah show and Bill Clinton were not around when woman’s suffrage came up, or women would still not be allowed to vote and in the case of that Chicago audience, rightly so.
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