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Sunday, May 15, 2005

McCain for President - NOT!

From kissing the MSM's bare ass every time they want a Republican to be critical of the party or campaign finance reform, I have enough reasons not to support McCain in his eventual bid for the Presidency. Someone that is so beholden to the title of "maverick" from the MSM is not someone I can agree with on very much or even trust.

Now, according to the MSM, we have this as covered by Hugh Hewitt:

To summarize: MSM mouthpieces for the Democrats are peddling the idea that John McCain is trying to persuade five other GOP senators to join five Democratic senators in (1) voting for cloture, (2) voting against five of George Bush's appellate court nominees in order to please Democrats, and (3) leaving open the Democrats'ability to filibuster the president's Supreme Court nominees.

That's not a "deal." That's Senate GOP suicide. And McCain/Hagel presidential ambition suicide. Majority Leader Frist must know that this would be disastrous to the GOP prospects in 2006, and I doubt if even McCain is trying to push this Harry Reid face-saving "deal."

By the way, last time I mentioned what I thought of a worthless GOP US Senator I received a visit from I had some coworkers and friends a bit worried that I might have black SUVs at my place soon but I wasn't worried. It's not like I mentioned what I thought of Hillary, McCain, Voinovich, Specter and also terrorism, Osama, bombs, assassinations, Iraq and blowing things up in that post. Thanks for the addition to my hit stats but come on guys, leave a comment next time.

The Anchoress is also covering this and her commentary, as always, is top-notch.

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