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Thursday, May 26, 2005

George Voinovich - Let's start a support group

Poor little Georgie, after hearing Voinovich choking back tears on the Senate floor over the John Bolton nomination I think it is clear he needs a caring group of people to help him in his time of need. I recommend that we create a care package. He obviously needs the following items:

  • Of course, diapers, the more absorbent the better, to avoid adding to his embarrassing performance on the Senate floor.

  • A pacifier with a clip to make sure he doesn't lose it when it falls out of his blubbering mouth.

  • Tissues, so he can blow his nose after crying.

  • A periodic doctor's exam so we can know when his have actually dropped.

  • A schedule of meetings to be stapled to his forehead so he will actually show up before sputtering his crybaby nonsense.

  • Baby powder to ease the discomfort after changing his soiled diapers.

  • Feel free to add to the list. The poor little baby needs our support.

    You may want to listen to him yourself by way of this mp3 file from Radioblogger.

    H/T Michelle Malkin

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