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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cleaning out the attic - Issue #1 - Ronald Reagan

Special issue explanation here

It is the first anniversary of Ronald Reagan's passing and Michelle Malkin links to a moving tribute by Trey Jackson.

I had written my thoughts shortly after his funeral, but for some reason never posted them at my old website. I think I may have been overwhelmed by the moving tributes from Margaret Thatcher and former President George Bush.

Since it is his anniversary, this seems like a good time to finally post my thoughts with various links I have found while preparing this post.

When Heroes Depart

Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1924 – 2004, President of the United States 1980 – 1988.

What more can be said that has not already been more eloquently expressed by others greater than I? For those to young to remember, it would be helpful to read Margaret Thatcher’s eulogy. For those too partisan to change their views I only hope I can pray for you as Reagan prayed for his would be assassin.

"I didn't feel I could ask God's help to heal Jim, the others, and myself, and at the same time feel hatred for the man who had shot us, so I silently asked God to help him deal with whatever demons had led him to shoot us."

Maybe there is something I can add to all the praise and love and honor that have been rightfully declared for this man, who did so much for the country and for the world with such charm and kindness. What I mean, is that my short list of heroes must now also include Ronald Reagan.

Thinking about it now, I realize that I have felt this way for some time but his absence from public life made it easy for that to be forgotten. Watching the ceremonies and hearing the great memories, the history, and the accomplishments, reminded me that this was a man who carried greatness on his shoulders with humility and good nature.

For some, his death is another opportunity to criticize. I suspect he would have had a sharp yet humorous reply for them. For me, I choose to look to Ronald Reagan as inspiration, for an example on how to be a better man.

As Regan said – “A gentleman always does the right thing”. A worthy goal for any of us and I hope that I can honor this man by living in such a manner.


I found a good website while preparing this post The Reagan Information Page. Be sure to check out the blog, Reality Hammer, located there as well.

An excellent book that I have concerning Reagan and one that I highly recommend:

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