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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Oprah and fried Frey

Sounds like a southern dish doesn't it? However, this is not about culinary delights South of the Mason-Dixon line. Rather, I've noticed the little brouhaha over Frey's, how should we say it? stretching the truth a bit in writing his "memoir". It seems to me, that dismissal quotes are necessary, as he has really upset The Oprah over his exaggerations. It was so bad, that according to an account on WLS Newstalk 890, her audience gasped at his revealing the creepy detail that he changed how someone had committed suicide from slit wrists to hanging. I really can't think of a good reason for that, except to get a more impressive visual, although he denies that as motivation. That of course, brings the rest of his flim-flam into focus and questions abound.

This does make me wonder though. Earlier The Oprah had defended Frey with her phone call to Larry King (barely) aLive.

"Although some of the facts have been questioned … that underlying message of the redemption of James Frey still resonates with me, and I know that it resonates with millions of other people who have read the book," Winfrey said in a surprise on-air call to CNN's "Larry King Live," on which Frey was a guest. "Whether car wheels rolled up on a curb … is irrelevant to me."

Apparently, The Oprah isn't too happy that the uproar refused to die down, so under the bus goes Frey. You just can't be messing with The Oprah's cred with her soccer mom audience after all. So, I'm wondering when Billy boy Clinton is going to get such a dressing down. Last I remember she let him get away with some whoppers and her audience nodded in agreement to his spewdom. Thinking back, I should have bought stock in a kneepad manufacturer, as it appeared, from that audience, that there would soon be a run on such merchandise. One can imagine the possibility of overtaking the Hillary! performance in cattle futures. You can catch my view at the time from an earlier post "Are Chicago Women Really This Stupid?"

I wonder, is Frey going to write another "memoir" about how it felt to be dressed down by The Oprah? Does he have to even give back his current compensation? Such things make one wonder if being honest is really the best way to live life. Don't worry friends I know that it is. Unfortunately, free-market capitalism or political freedom for that matter, can't survive well in a culture that doesn't hold honesty or personal responsibility in high regard. Sometimes, I worry where our country is headed when such stories dominate the news cycle.

As for Frey and the new book he could write, I have a title to pass on that was suggested to me by a friend/coworker. I had to agree, considering the gloriously angelic aria that some in The Oprah's audience must hear as The Oprah's gilded halo glows at them from the TV screen, as they wait with baited breath while noshing on their Ben and Jerry's ice cream, for The Oprah's latest pronouncement; the only title that may just suffice is, "The Passion of The Oprah".


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