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Monday, February 06, 2006

Google's priorities

The well-known search engine has been in the news quite a bit lately. Unfortunately, the news gives us some insight into the priorities of this company.

The most recent news item is that BMW has been blacklisted for breaking Google's guidelines.

BMW given Google 'death penalty'

Search giant Google has "blacklisted" German car manufacturer BMW for breaching its guidelines.

The following guidlines from Google, as covered by the story are quite interesting, considering other events, as we shall see.

"Don't deceive your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users, which is commonly referred to as 'cloaking'," Google says.

Google confirmed that had been removed from search results, adding that it would not tolerate any attempts to manipulate searches.

"The quality of our index and search results is of the utmost importance to Google," the company said in a statement.

Google would continue to strive to protect the accuracy and quality of its results, it added.

The article notes that Google has received criticism of late for dealing with the Chicoms and agreeing to censoring their search results for Chinese users. Ironic enough, as that is, when compared to the above quotes from the article, it's even worse considering what was covered in my previous post on this matter.

Google Pulls Official Censorship Statement

I’m still amazed that the Google who has now had to take down their “we don’t censor” message because it just isn’t true any more is the same company that just a week or so back stood up to a U.S. Government request for their search records. I still think Google got it right when they refused to comply with that federal subpoena. I just wish they’d been consistent with China.

Poor BMW, apparently they just didn't have the clout to have Google change their guidelines like China did. I wonder, what could they have done differently? Read on, the answer, if not clear already, will be, soon enough.

Pamela of Atlus Shrugs has covered a few more items in Google's priorities in DIVEST of GOOGLE STOCK

I despise GOOGLE for it's terrorist enabling policies here and hate America bias here. Last March Ynet, reported that Google had been running advertisements for the recruitment web site of the terrorist group Hamas, that show up when the word “Hamas” is entered in Arabic: Google advertises Hamas.

And this terror love seems to be endemic to Google, they will include  a Jew-hating site that meets their criteria for being a “news source,” featuring the work of the Jew hating  lunatic Kurt Nimmo: Peace, Earth & Justice News but not one of the best news sources available on the net, LGF? Evil twin google logo from a Typical Joe, here

Those two paragraphs just touch the surface (links at her site) and she has many more links in that post, so do check it out and learn what is important to the company that is Google.

So, what is that China and Hamas have that BMW did not? Perhaps BMW needs to spend more advertising dollars with Google, money seems to have worked with less reputable entities. It's not like the car manufacturer is asking the search engine giant to turn a blind eye to a Tiananmen Square massacre or *wink* at terrorism as funds are deposited in their bank account.

Oh wait, I'm sorry, one of the things they mention in their Corporate Philosophy is:

You can make money without doing evil.

In all seriousness, they either have a strange way of defining evil, or they simply haven't gotten around to removing that little slogan from their website, just yet. The money is flowing, so it probably won't be too long before it's taken down. Good thing I took a screen shot. I doubt the original would remain in the Google cache for long, one it's removed.

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