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Monday, February 13, 2006

Cartoon Jihad - More moderate Muslims

I have highlighted the statements by several moderate Muslims and groups in previous posts. I feel they need to be given as much support and publicity as possible, as they can help reform Islam and remove broad support or the silence that exists, due to fear concerning the Islamofascists. They risk a great deal in speaking up now, but hopefully their numbers will continue to grow. Of course, we must not let up on the extremists, if they will not stand down, then they must be hunted down, jailed or killed. However, there is more than one way to skin a cat and war is fought on levels that go beyond the battlefield. Perhaps, together we can destroy this blight that shames and endangers all Muslims.

From The Brussels Journal we have:

More and More Moderate Muslims Speak Out in Denmark

Dozens of Danish Muslims are joining the network of moderate Muslims, the Demokratiske Muslimer (Democratic Muslims). About 700 Muslims have already become DM members and 2,500 Danes have expressed their will to support the network. The initiative has caused anger among the Danish imams and their leader, Ahmad Abu Laban, who have referred to the moderates as “rats.” The imams feel that they are beginning to lose their control over part of the Muslim population.


Be sure to read it all, as they say. There is still much work ahead. While there are those who are speaking out, we must remain vigilant and not easily swayed by mere words of some, as the following from the article reveals.

Fanatic imams are not only a problem in Denmark. In Britain Hamid Ali, a leading imam of a mosque in West Yorkshire, hailed last summer’s bombing of the London subway as a “good” action. The imam was secretly taped when he was talking to an undercover reporter from The Sunday Times. His words contrast with the public statements of condemnation by Muslim community leaders – including Mr Ali – after the attacks, which killed 56 people. In other words, the Danish imams are not the only imams in Europe who are speaking with two tongues. Indeed, there are indications that the main culprits for the integration problems are the imams, who tend to be much more extremist than many of the ordinary Muslims.

The radicals clearly understand how to manipulate multiculturalism and a tendency for some in the West to not have confidence in our culture and values. They know how to manipulate a fawning media with soothing words, while turning around and spitting hatred at those they just feigned sympathy for.

This war will not end quickly, but if we help those within Islam who want to stop the crazed Islamofascists, then we can help quicken the victory, not only for the West but also ultimately for Islam itself. By this I mean, that Islam will best be served by rejecting the Islamofascists, lying imams and the ranting, dangerous child that rules Iran. To do less, will result in the further spread of a brutal application of sharia, as other cultures surrender to each and every demand, out of fear of what may come if they do not.

The extremists mean to destroy everyone not of Islam but they only destroy Islam as a faith. The following is from a novel about the future, sadly, even now, it begins to ring true.

"No one is faithful to God who has no choice. [...] there are no true Muslims in the world, because they may not choose to cease to be Muslims. If a Muslim tries to become a Hindu or a Christian or even a simple unbeliever, some fanatical Muslim will kill him. [...] Islam is a religion that has no believers, [...] Only people who are compelled to call themselves Muslims and live as Muslims under fear of death."

Shocking words, but is there any doubt that is the world the Islamofascists will achieve if they are not defeated? I pray that those of peace within Islam may overcome this dark shadow that is upon us all.

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