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Monday, February 27, 2006

Ted Rall - his name should be a profanity

Just when you think Ted Rall can't maintain his status as idiot and jackass extraordinaire, we get more ejaculations of noxious scribbling from this less than talented "cartoonist".

Nothing like attacking the flight 93 passengers and hawking a stupid conspiracy theory while you're at it. (H/T Rightwingsparkle)

Rall Bashes 9/11 Victims To Spin A Conspiracy Theory

And because he really does deserve it Darleen has an excellent parody of this *insert profane rant here*

I've said plenty in the past about this twat. From previous posts:

Considering the content of that "comic", one has to wonder if the little twit is simply jealous (scroll down) and has to release his frustrations this way because he suffers from excessive dermal abrasion doing it in the traditional manner.


He is either flirting with becoming a holocaust denier or he is merely braying for attention as only a spoiled, maladjusted, childish and mentally deficient jackass can.

I may need to become fluent in another language in order to continue justly describing this individual and the disgusting depths to which his soul must descend. It would be much simpler if his name entered the cultural ziegeist as a profane utterance.


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