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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dumb and dumber - only more so

Who woulda thunk it? A diary at the DailyKosNuts actually refers to the Gnostic gospels. I'm used to the various expressions of foolishness that tend to float around there in regard to politics; "screw them", probably being the best known example, with Mother Sheehan's post only emphasizing the battiness. It's sad enough that so many take this site as their "Bible" when it comes to politics, but let's see how it fairs regarding actual New Testament scholarship. (H/T Darleen's Place)

Blog Ads by ChitikaThe controversy over Jesus' story and its relation to the Gnostics began in 325AD at the Council of Nicea, an infamous date in human history when the gnostics, who were likely the philosophical foundation of the original Christians, were banned, persecuted, and murdered by the ancestors of today's Church: the martyr-obsessed orthodox christians [...] began their subversion of Jesus' story in earnest at this infamous Council...


we still live with the same centralized authority today, with the same tyrannous "christian" groups who want to persecute anyone who isn't in their cult. In other words, it was they who Jesus and St. Stephen railed against, and died fighting against as rebel leaders.

I'll dispense with the Gnostic foolishness by referring readers to the following concerning the Gospel of Thomas.

Thomas Gospel Tizzy

...(Gospel of Thomas) is "probably our earliest significant witness to the early perversion of Christianity by those who wanted to create Jesus in their own image." And: "Ultimately (GThom) testifies not to what Jesus said but to what men wished he had said."

What about the Gospel of Thomas?

Just a few points from the conlusion of that study:

  • The GTh is late (150-200ad), not early (50-75ad). It dates from AFTER the completion and collation of the FourFold gospel.
  • The GTh may contain an authentic extra-biblical tradition or two (a subject we did NOT discuss here--for discussion, see JUF:217ff, Hofius in GAG:336-360), but by and large is dependent on ALL the canonical gospels in their finished form.

As we can see, this infatuation with Gnosticism being the authentic account of Christianity is merely wishful thinking. Doubtful though, that many KosKiddies who frequent the site, will consider researching the matter to see what the Christian response might be. Of course, this is a blinkered mentality, a decision to remain uninformed. Dumb enough to be one of the moonbats that congregate there as true believers, dumber still, as we have seen, to take it seriously regarding Biblical scholarship. But, even more so, when the foolishness of Pat Robertson types or the excess of some "mega-churches" are considered equal to Islamofascism.

Now, as to the freedoms under assault, the radical Christians and the radical Muslims, to take the top two most effective fascist religious groups in the world, are almost identical in their virulence and tactics as they use religion to dominate in politics and war and to attack freedom in the world for profits.

Yeah, because those Christian fundamentalists are blowing up kids and cutting people's heads off.

And of course, the apostle Paul is brought in for abuse as well.

Paul (Saul) later started the adulterated version of Christianity.

This article should help one deal with the claim that Paul distorted Christ's teachings. How "non-Jesus" was Paul, really?

For even more fun, we have the following comments that a few individuals left for this silly article. Hopefully, some are just intentional lampooning of moonbat ideology.

Christian and Muslim fundamentalists. We need to tar the Christians with Fundmentalism as well as the Muslims who are. Link them to each other in every coment you post.

Linguistics is the key to the framing superiority. Read the diary on Helen Thomas to see how she does it.


don't tell James Dobson or Pat Robertson, but..

Jesus, if he came back today, would be arrested as a domestic enemy-combatant, without right to counsel, and rendered to an undisclosed location as a "far left-wing extremist conspiracy theorist/eco-terrorist"

same as it ever was...


"Jesus was the Biggest Liberal"


In fact, Jesus DEMANDED the seperation of church and state!!!!

"Render unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's, render unto God what is God's".

All those bible thumpers who want to impose a theocracy upon USA citizens are heretics, and if what they believe is true, they will burn in hell.

Let's all pray that God expedites that!

All of that would be rather entertaining, if only it were just a movie.


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