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Monday, February 27, 2006

Yes, there is a God

I'm bringing this post to the top because it's been featured in Radars' Darwin is Dead-The Carnival!!! and has attracted some attention. Scroll down for the latest posts.

Yes, there is a God

Because the universe is either eternal or came from nothing.

I hope no one seriously considers something from nothing in this day and age.

An eternal universe is not possible either. You cannot count to infinity. No matter how long you count you will always have a finite set of numbers. Likewise, you cannot have an infinite series of events into the past. You would never reach a beginning, because no matter how long you traveled, you would only traverse a finite set of events. Even worse though, for the universe to reach the present. There being no beginning at all, there is no hope of reaching the present as it is preceded by an infinite series of events and there is no starting point to begin to try and cross this series.

But the universe has in fact reached the present. It therefore must have a beginning. What has a beginning has a cause. We must, at some point reach an uncaused first cause, due to the discussion about infinite series.

This uncaused first cause must somehow act to create the causal chain that is the universe. But how can it do so? Nothing precedes it and causes it to do so. The answer is that the first cause, has free will internal to itself and decides to act.

We have now reached a transcendent cause that has free-will and therefore personality. At this point we cannot assume we are safe from this entity acting within its own creation. Deism is an assumption at best a wish.

From this point, we can objectively examine the historical data, religious experience and philosophy to guide us. Regarding the Christian data, the Biblical testimony about Christ was established far to close to his ministry to allow for legendary embellishment.

The entire Biblical witness speaks of God as three persons in one ultimate unit.

For these reasons, I believe there is one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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