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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Important News!!!!

Apparently, some media outlets feel that it is imperative to display a photo of President Bush writing a note about needing a bathroom break. Yes, folks, it is a newsworthy event to reveal that President Bush actually has normal biological functions!

Never mind (off the top of my head):

  • Katrina disaster relief and what went wrong in the disaster response

  • A judicial confirmation hearing (ok silly Democraps on the Judiciary committee knock that one down a few notches)

  • Palestinian violence in Gaza

  • succesful military operations in Iraq

  • Iraq constitution taking shape and being readied for popular vote

  • Oil for food scandal still percolating

  • Able Danger still being blown off by 9-11 commission

  • Flight 93 memorial using a Crescent

  • CAIR faking photos

    Next news flash:

    President Bush also farts and sometimes they are silent but deadly. This one may require several special news reports and Michael Moore "documentaries".
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