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Friday, August 05, 2005

Intelligent Design - FAQ

With Intelligent Design (ID) in the public eye, now more than ever, I am getting a bit tired and sometimes amused by all the caricatures constantly repeated by the many opponents of ID, as well as by some religious folks. Many are criticizing ID in online forums, so it is rather ironic that they haven't bothered to find information about ID or answers to their questions from ID websites or from books at or for the googleless, in a decent bookstore.

So, I would like to direct people to a post at Evolution News & Views, A Rorschach Test for Our Times, that can serve as a brief FAQ.

Something called "intelligent design" is the "number one" discussed topic on the internet today (August 4, '05), according to the web and blog watch group But what do people mean by the topic? Forget the old fashioned question -- what do the scientists propounding ID mean by the term? This is the post-modern age. What do YOU want ID to mean?

Hopefully, people will take the time to read that and the critics will start educating themselves, rather than repeat the typical inaccurate characterizations of ID.

Is this so hard to grasp as a policy stand? Or do you insist on free associating from some inkblot provided by the Darwinists?

I confess, my original take on ID was a bit off, but I have taken the time to research and be more informed. The choice is simple, yet I know that some will continue in their lazy, uninformed ways. Knocking down a straw man is intellectually easy, after all. I have to smirk though, when people take the mentally lazy route while at the same time claiming to be advocating the more intellectually rigorous viewpoint.

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