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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Judge Roberts

Well, it appears that a joke of sorts, that I made in an earlier post, is being considered by others now.

I had commented earlier about Bush's choice for the Supreme Court vacancy and the circus that was about to begin. For those who have been following the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court, I am sure it is interesting to see the leggy bomb thrower of the right, Ann Coulter, not coming out in support of the President's decision. In fact, she has been quite reluctant to accept that he is anything other than another Souter, a previous "stealth" candidate, that turned out to be anything other than conservative.

Well Powerline has an interesting view on Ann's opposition.

Since President Bush's nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court, Ann Coulter has held out for evidence to prove his bona fides as some kind of a conservative. Her condemnation of Judge Roberts as "Souter in Roberts' clothing" seemed a bit of a stretch, but not entirely implausible.


Might Coulter be providing Roberts some cover on his right flank? In her column today, Coulter seems to me to give the game away.


I love Ann Coulter, but when you read her columns about John Roberts, think "When Harry Met Sally."

Well guys, I beat you to it with my post on 07/21/05 ;-P

Let the games begin

I find it interesting that Ann Coulter is not enthused with the President's pick due to the experience we had with Justice Souter. I wonder, does her lack of support make it easier for moderates to resist the knee-jerk reactions of Schumer and little Dick Durbin? I would find it quite hilarious, if some years down the road, Roe vs. Wade is overturned, with Justice Roberts in the majority and we find out Karl Rove asked Ann Coulter to come out the way she has. I am willing to bet that someone in the crowd has or is about to propose that this is the case. All the more satisfying, for me, is that they are probably foaming at the mouth as they think about it.

So when is that mad blog money going to start rolling in hmmm? ;-)
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