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Saturday, July 30, 2005

What Kool-Aid do GOP Senators drink?

It is bad enough that we have the MSM labeled "maverick" McCain criticizing the party or the President, and regulating free speech; Voinivich wussing out on the Bolton nomination and then tearing up on the senate floor when he is criticized; Lugar finally sending me a letter about Durbin's remarks and not doing much more than include Little Dick's "apology" and saying, "issue resolved"; but now we have Frist, bending over kissing the big toe of the MSM by going against the president on federal funding for embryonic stem cell (ESC) research. Apparently, his pollsters/advisers think he must do penance for his stance on the Terry Schindler matter, in order to increase his chances of being elected President in 2008. Let's just point out one major flaw in that little theory, you have to be nominated first. Does he really think this move will work to his favor with Republican primary delegates?

That Frist's move, and I can think of a better term, is merely a cynical vote grab, can be seen by the utter incoherence of his position. When one begins by saying:

"I am pro-life. I believe human life begins at conception. It is at this moment that the organism is complete -- yes, immature -- but complete. An embryo is nascent human life. It’s genetically distinct. And it’s biologically human. It’s living. This position is consistent with my faith. But, to me, it isn’t just a matter of faith. It’s a fact of science.

"Our development is a continuous process -- gradual and chronological. We were all once embryos. The embryo is human life at its earliest stage of development. And accordingly, the human embryo has moral significance and moral worth. It deserves to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

But then says:

"I also believe that embryonic stem cell research should be encouraged and supported. But, just as I said in 2001, it should advance in a manner that affords all human life dignity and respect -- the same dignity and respect we bring to the table as we work with children and adults to advance the frontiers of medicine and health."

It is difficult to draw any other conclusion. The only other explanation is that Frist is hopelessly confused, but the man is a doctor; he must certainly understand the complexities of the matter and how many have been misinformed. Yet, he does nothing but strengthen the hand of those who advocate the ends the means. Worse, yet, he does so in the context of defining how we should treat innocent life that is temporarily vulnerable to us, and merely disregards that little detail.

He had tried this before, but accepted the President's compromise. His change of view now, besides being a logical disaster, ignores a number of facts. There are no bans on embryonic stem cell research. The greatest practical therapies have been with adult stem cells. There have been none with embryonic, despite there being no ban on research. Why should taxpayer dollars be used to fund a morally repulsive act, when a better alternative is available?

Aside from the matter of Senators not doing very well at getting elected President, there is the issue of wooing Republican primary voters to your campaign. Does Frist really think they will be impressed by the plaudits he is given from the NY Times et al? If I were Frist, I would fire my advisors/pollsters or quit drinking the GOP Senate Kool-Aid.

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