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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Step up the criticism?

According to a report on WGN news tonight, that is the plan for some Democrats as they react to the President's speech. I guess this means little Dick can say worse things about our troops now, as apparently what he said before wasn't critical enough. That asshat was also on WGN and he needs to just shut up. Perhaps he should read what our troops are saying about how we are doing. By that I mean, other than the malcontents always referenced by his butt buddies in the media.

It's arrogant enough when a politician claims to be speaking for the American public but this jerk thinks he can speak for Iraqis now. Of course, in his feeble mind, they can only be dissatisfied. Never mind, the progress we have made in many places, that I referenced in an earlier post. Little Dick can't mention those as it wouldn't be politically expedient. Does he offer a counter plan? Do the Democrats have anything to offer other than the complete idiocy of a withdrawal date? How much clearer can the President be? We leave, when we have won.

I swear he is auditioning for a news anchor position with Al Jezeera or a starring role in the next Moore/moonbat production.

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