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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I hope my readers are patient while I catch up from being out of town and without an Internet connection. I also had the unfortunate luck of writing a very long post and just as I was going to save the draft, there was a momentary power failure. I recovered perhaps half of an earlier version so will have to finish that one some other time. But now to catching up.

Well little Dick finally "apologized". Too bad this prepared speech contained more thought and reflection than the one that necessitated this act. I am tempted to be cynical and dismiss his apparent sincerity. In fact, earlier I commented elsewhere that I do not accept his apology. But, let's put that aside for the moment. Suppose he is sincere, that the clamour raised (no thanks to certain GOP senators) actually convinced him that what he said was wrong. The problem is his words already had their affect elsewhere.

It's one thing to use rhetoric for political advantage. But, to so blind yourself to the affect of those words, that you miss what a current enemy to this country will do with them, is foolishness of the highest degree. It is clear that little Dick was trying to appeal to the Howling Dean/Moonbat element of the left. Unfortunately, what is red meat to them, has now become that which encourages our enemies and demoralizes our troops and their families. Was there no one in his office that could see that?

For some, foolish statements that offend others, were cause for Trent Lott to be censured and to resign his leadership position. Somehow, they don't see Durbin's comments in the same light. Such a view is so obviously biased as to not require comment. There are others though, who think neither Lott nor Durbin should have to be forced to resign for saying something stupid. But the problem with that apparently reasonable view is that it's consistency is based on considering Lott's foolishness equivalent to little Dick's.

A few points are in order here. Lott was not reading a prepared statement but rather stumbled foolishly while trying to praise a colleague. He also was not saying something that could obviously be used by our enemies during a time of war. His offensive comment also did not demoralize our troops and their families. Yet, Republicans acquiesced to demands he be censured and resign. For little Dick, the matters are very much opposite, including the MSM and other usual suspects not calling for his censure and resignation.

Is there anything a Democrat can do that will involve a backlash from their party or the MSM? Will they ever be called to pay for their indiscretions? The only thing I can think of is when they speak out against the liberal orthodoxy i.e. Zell Miller.

Interesting standards some people have. Vilify someone for stumbling into a foolish offense or speaking out against the destruction of the party but overlook using lies that demoralize our troops, deeply offend their families, damage our foreign policy and endanger our soldiers lives. Is it any wonder that saying "I'm sorry", just doesn't seem adequate?
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