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Friday, June 17, 2005

Right blogosphere vs Left blogosphere

Interesting article by Chris Bowers - Aristocratic Right Wing Blogosphere Stagnating.

... I see emerging. The left-wing blogosphere is beginning to decidedly pull away from the right wing blogosphere in terms of traffic. This is largely a result of the open embrace of community blogging on the left and the stagnant, anti-meritorious nature of the right-wing blogosphere that pushes new, emerging voices to the margins.

His main point is that the left side of the blogosphere has adopted a community approach that makes it easier for new voices to be found. The right, on the other hand, rarely allows for comments, at least on the bigger blogs. One has to rely on the trickle down affect to get known.

An interesting analysis. I wonder what my readers think? One problem I see, is that the large conservative/libertarian blogs have had trouble with trolls when they allow comments. It is a time consuming effort to keep the trash out. To bad there isn't a way to track who has the most problems with harassment and trolls. I'm sure the numbers would be quite interesting.

For the sake of discussion, let's accept that his argument is accurate. What can be done? Open up comments and then have to deal with the immature? I've known several military wives that have been harassed by trolls at their blogs. How to deal with that when you are managing a blog part-time? Perhaps, community moderating can help. I have seen this at ratings sites and online forums. Various freebies could be offered to those who would be willing to help out with such tasks. It may be that is what the left is already doing.

Let's not lose sight of innovation or reject good ideas simply because our opponents are using them. Of course, Chris Bowers may just be very wrong.

Feel free to comment and offer your own analysis/solutions.

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