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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Classifying strange life forms

I've written and debated in support of Intelligent Design but the Moonbat Blog Taxonomy at Right Wing Nuthouse, seems to offer some biological examples that would argue against any ID. It is very difficult to explain such silliness on the left side of the blogosphere as the result of purpose or design. Then again, maybe the designer merely has a sense of humor, reference the platypus.

Here is a little tease, so do take the time to read it all. I guarantee you will have a good time.

Now taxonomy is generally defined in biology as an “orderly classification of plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships.” This posed something of a problem since there’s no such thing as “natural relationships” when it comes to moonbats. In fact, there’s nothing natural at all about liberals in that you have to make a preternatural effort day in and day out to exhibit that amount of cluelessness regarding the world around you as it actually exists.

Be that as it may, in researching the subject, I arrived at a solution to my dilemma; categorize the sites using as a benchmark how far the blog deviates from the real world and descends into conspiratorial fantasy.

H/T Michelle Malkin
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