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Friday, September 02, 2005

The new math

And to think, I didn't care for Calculus in college. Recent events have caused me to rediscover this amazing formula for describing certain cause/effect relationships.

Something I didn’t like, bad or terrible happened
Dinner also not cooked well
I farted more than normal
Said fart didn't smell like roses
Bush is in office
Bush caused, desired and plans for more people to die, fact
DailKos + democraticunderground + + George Soros
Bush is also eating newborn babies for breakfast

Seems to me, that is about the level of intellectual thought some noisy people are applying to the New Orleans hurricane tragedy. I don't care if you are in public office, the media or one of the pretty people in Hollywood or even that you claimed to have voted for Bush. Complaining about a lack of military/National Guard response shows a complete lack of understanding about logistics and the actual deployment of our military.

Blaming Bush for levees breaking because of financial cutbacks indicates a lack of knowledge about what studies were planned and how long it would take to implement improvements for category 5-hurricane protection, once approved. It should also be noted that one levee that broke had recently been upgraded.

"According to Naomi, any concerted effort to protect the city from a storm of category 4 or 5 will probably take 30 years to complete. And the feasibility study alone for such an effort will cost as much as $8 million. Even though Congress has authorized the feasibility study, funding has not yet been appropriated. When funds are made available, the study will take about six years to complete. “That’s a lot of time to get the study before Congress,” Naomi admits. “Hopefully we won’t have a major storm before then."

There is enough suffering and dying as it is. Must some people also spit on the bodies of the dead and use the suffering for their own emotionally flatulent rhetoric before they are even buried, just to gain political advantage? It is obvious that looters stealing televisions will feel no shame. I doubt those using this tragedy for partisan gain will experience any shame either.
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