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Monday, September 12, 2005

A question for Judge Roberts

As the confirmation hearings begin for Judge Roberts nomination to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, much blather is being thrown about by members of the Senate Judiciary committee. It seems that Senators like to hear themselves talk, regardless of how predictable and boring they will be. Is it any surprise that liberal Democrats are causing Orwell to spin in his grave with their twisted definition of judicial activism? They are all for destroying precedent, when it advances their cause. Yet now, we must preserve the rulings of the court they deem precious. As if, there is no debate and all is settled. How convenient and incredibly predictable.

I am willing to bet, that liberals (including that RINO Spector) will avoid asking Roberts one particular question. In my opinion, Roberts should be asked what his view is concerning the Kelo decision. Why would liberals avoid that? Quite simply, the current liberals on the court voted for Kelo. This decision, enraged many and crossed the political spectrum. Do Kennedy, Schumer or Spector, who are clearly demonstrating that they would prefer a John Paul Stevens, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Stephen Breyer or a Ruth Bader Ginsburg clone, really want to remind voters that those justices created the Kelo ruling?

Hopefully, a Republican on the judiciary committee will have the political intellect to ask that very question. Barring Roberts supporting the majority opinion, the best spin that Sentor Kennedy and friends can hope for is to say they also want someone like Sandra Day O'Connor, who dissented from that vote. But this only reinforces how liberal the other justices were in that decision and means they want to maintain the current balance of the court. This balance has seriously endangered property rights. The Republicans need to make that point.

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