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Friday, January 18, 2008

Mike Huckabee, his feet are definitely smaller than his mouth

They have to be, due to his ability to stick both into his oral cavity recently. Let's see how the best speaker in the race managed to do that.

Foot number one from HotAir:

”South Carolina people know true conservatism when they see it.You don’t like people outside the state telling you how you ought to raise your kids, you don’t like people from outside the state telling you what to do with the flag,” Huckabee said during a rally at a Myrtle beach airport hangar. “In fact, if somebody came down to Arkansas and told us what to do with our flag, we’d tell’ em where to put the pole.”

An excerpt of Bryan's comment in that post:

Classy. It was about as dumb a remark as Huckabee could have made. No one was talking about the perennial Confederate flag issue in South Carolina; now everyone is. The Democrats will use it once again to tar Republicans as racists... (source)

Pandering on a painful issue, selfish and short-sighted, good job pander boy.

Foot number two:

Huckabee says the Constitution is a "living breathing document" (video). Of course he was referring to the unrealistic, pandering amendments he touts, but that language is used by the left to justify activist courts distortion of the Constitution. I suppose a desperate supporter might say Mike Huckabee was merely clueless regarding the use of such words. Unfortunately, Huckabee's website says differently:

I firmly believe that the Constitution must be interpreted according to its original meaning, and flatly reject the notion of a “living Constitution.”

So, Huckster sticking his foot in his mouth, legitimizing language used by the left and forgetting his website rejected such language. The word shocking does not come to mind.

Fred Thompson also took issue with what the Huckabee said.

... I fear that this loose language about our Constitution calls into question Governor Huckabee’s appreciation and understanding of the issue of judicial activism and raises questions as to what kind of judges he would appoint were he to become President. (source)

Bonus, Mike Huckabee puts at least one hand in his mouth as well with this.

I personally wish that all of this was outlawed. I think that every candidates should speak for themselves, and that every thing that involves the candidate’s name or another candidate’s name should be authorized and approved by that candidate, otherwise it shouldn’t be spoken….

The point is that candidates can’t force these special interest 527 groups to stop. I wish we could. (source)

That's some real deep thinking from the Huckabee there. I guess he would outlaw this post and everything else I've said about him and the candidates. And we thought John McCain was bad with McCain-Feingold.

It matters not how well one can communicate if they haven't taken the time to think deeply about issues and what thoughts they've managed are quite shallow and consist mostly of sticking a wet finger in the air.

Clearly, Mike Huckabee is not ready for something as serious as being the President of the United States. He not only panders more than Mitt Romney, and now over a racially divisive issue, he can't even show awareness of rhetoric used by those who have no respect for the Constitution and which contradicts his own website.

Give him a talk show, but please, let's not have this guy be on the GOP ticket in either slot.

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