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Friday, December 14, 2007

Evangelicals - short term thinkers?

With Mike Huckabee supposedly rising in the polls, this being largely attributed to evangelical primary voters, I have to wonder if said evangelicals can think in the long term. This brings up a question I now present to these evangelical, socially conservative voters.

Let's suppose Mike Huckabee gains the nomination and, though I think it extremely unlikely, wins the general election. Does anyone really believe there will not be a moderate to liberal backlash in the following congressional elections? Regarding at least one issue important to social conservatives, that being abortion, what chance would someone like Huckabee have of actually getting conservative justices appointed? That's assuming he has some concept of what kind of judges should be appointed in the first place.

And now the question.

Which is better regarding abortion?

Mike Huckabee is elected to President and then Congress shifts more to the left.

Rudy Giuliani is elected to President and social conservatives rally, because Giuliani is personally moderate on social issues, shifting Congress more to the conservative side.

One last point to consider before answering. Rudy Giuliani has stated he would appoint conservative justices.

I only choose Rudy Giuliani for the contrast, because he's the most moderate on social issues in this field, not because I think he has a better chance in the general election.

So, how long is the evangelical game plan? Is it only seeing as far as primary wins, showing how much power is available and can be exercised at that level? What if the result of that is losing the general election or despite winning it, the ability to appoint actual conservative justices is lost and thereby the court becomes locked out of change for another decade or more? Do they realize we are not voting on a church pastor or Sunday school appointment?

I hope evangelicals and other social conservatives will think more in the long term on such matters, before it's too late. There is more at stake than merely bragging about power thrown around during primaries. Such pride will lead to the inevitable fall, if that short-sighted exercise of power results in a great loss in the general election.


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