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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A fool and his liar are soon parted?

An interesting report came out just before the New Hampshire primary, which was then shortly followed up by a denial from the Huckabee campaign. The story being that Mike Huckabee would push for a U.S. Supreme Court test case to challenge the constitutional provision that one is automatically a citizen of the U.S. when born in this country. This has allowed for what are called "anchor" babies with regard to illegal immigrants who have children while they're in the United States.

This announcement was surprising, considering Huckabee's very different history regarding illegal immigration. On the other hand, the South Carolina primary is on the 25th so while obviously pandering, as usual, it would make some sense for Huckabee to do so, despite the cynical and dismissive view of voters' intelligence such a move would be. Except the Huckabee campaign came right out and denied that Mike Huckabee would do this if elected.

Huckabee August 2007:

" 'I would support changing that. I think there is reason to revisit that, just because a person, through sheer chance of geography, happened to be physically here at the point of birth, doesn't necessarily constitute citizenship,' he said. 'I think that's a very reasonable thing to do, to revisit that.' " (source)

Per a report by the Washington Times yesterday:

Mike Huckabee wants to amend the Constitution to prevent children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens from automatically becoming American citizens, according to his top immigration surrogate — a radical step no other major presidential candidate has embraced.

Mr. Huckabee, who won last week's Republican Iowa caucuses, promised Minuteman Project founder James Gilchrist that he would force a test case to the Supreme Court to challenge birthright citizenship, and would push Congress to pass a 28th Amendment to the Constitution to remove any doubt. (source)

Huckabee campaign denial:

I do not support an amendment to the constitution that would prevent children born in the U.S. to illegal aliens from automatically becoming American citizens.  I have no intention of supporting a constitutional amendment to deny birthright citizenship. (source)

Thanks to The Jawa Report for covering the matter here.

One problem with Washington Times is the source being Jim Gilchrist, who has lost some credibility on the immigration issue because he endorsed Mike Huckabee. Apparently he thinks looking Mike Huckabee in the eye is enough to determine his sincerity. That hasn't worked very well for President Bush regarding Vladimir Putin has it? Such deception from someone with KGB training is to be expected, but is this what being a Christian leader amounts to these days?

Gilchrist may be finding himself in the same position as the NEA in New Hampshire. They endorsed Mike Huckabee and they are well known for being against school choice or vouchers. You don't get their endorsement if you're for such things. Yet Mike Huckabee did, with that however being followed by Mike Huckabee saying he sort of is, sort of isn't for vouchers, see here. Hmm, me thinks a pattern is developing with Mr. Huckabee.

Then again, Jim Gilchrist may be trying to build his reputation again and stretched the truth a bit or completely fabricated the matter.

In this case it may actually turn out to be a fool/liar and his liar are soon parted.

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