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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fred Thompson wins NH debate

Being a Fred head, I'll let others make the case.

On points, Fred Thompson won the debate.

Every answer was thoughtful and well-crafted; his tone matched the tone of the question; he wisely refrained from interjecting in the back and forth squabbling. He very deftly reminded viewers that he served on key Senate national security panels and is bringing his experience to bear. Even his insults were subtly and gently constructed In some ways, Thompson did McCain’s bidding. You skeptical readers can tell me that if Thompson had finished a solid fourth in Iowa, I might not be writing about Thompson at all, that said, he's still a candidate, and his performance tonight tells me his mind is not elsewhere. (source)

Even George Stephanopoulos said that Fred Thompson had an excellent night. Several of the compliments for Fred Thompson at NRO the Corner:

...Fred Thompson turned in a very fine performance, the more effective for proving underplayed. The others fought, bickered, attempted to demonstrate their brains. Naturally enough, they commanded the viewer's immediate attention. But did they look like chief executives of a great nation? Or like candidates for a student council? Thompson stood, in effect, to one side, quiet and dignified, speaking less often, perhaps, but with cogency and principle. Thompson alone conveyed a sense of gravitas. He looked, spoke, and comported himself like a president.

If (as I expect) Romney fares badly in New Hampshire, Thompson will be the obvious choice for conservatives. He's going to prove an easy man to rally around. (Peter Robinson)


Rich and Mark Steyn are right, and I was wrong. I always think it's strange when the great athletes talk about letting the game come to them. But that's how this format worked for Fred, and when called on he did great. I thought his explanation of healthcare economics was staggeringly good — I don't see how you could do it better in this format. And when he went into trial lawyer mode, cross-examining the other candidates, he did in the effective way — no screaming, but pressing (patiently but insistently) for an answer. Very nicely done. (Andy McCarthy)

Speaking of format, I would like to thank ABC for the way the debate was organized. This was much better than previous debates and they deserve congratulations for pulling it off.

Fred Thompson is still very much in the race, his performance tonight displaying some of the reasons he is still drawing support. He has another donation goal, for his campaigning in South Carolina, which has the next primary after New Hampshire. He wants to raise $540,000 and recruit 50,000 new friends by January 11th for that South Carolina primary.

I just matched my previous donation and I'll continue to support Fred as I'm able. Please do what you can to help Fred Thompson. He's the clear conservative choice, and the only candidate that can unite the social, fiscal and foreign policy conservatives.

Fred08 - Contribute Now

Fred Thompson's campaign site -- donate to Fred Thompson's campaign

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