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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Did Brian Cutler and Kelly O'Connor say Richard Dawkins had an affair?

Brian and Kelly being core members of the (ir)Rational Response Squad. According to another atheist going by the name Reed Braden, they claimed that Richard Dawkins had an affair of some kind. This is a rather odd situation considering that the (ir)Rational Response Squad has been riding Dawkins' coat tails for awhile now. If it's true that they did make the claim, it provides more evidence of the self-serving immaturity that typifies the core/founding members of this fundie atheist group.

Before preceding let's get something out of the way. Does it matter if Dawkins had an affair? For me, as a Christian, it matters not with regard to his arguments, as they need to be addressed directly, and that is not accomplished by referring to something like this. In other words, let's reject the lazy ad hominem fallacy temptation.

The sordid events, with several updates already, are being tracked here. (profanity alert)

As to why the (ir)rationals would float something like this about Richard Dawkins, according to Reed:

RDF's* new management stopped RRS from having contact with Richard and RRS wants the lady in charge fired... so they made up an allegation of an affair.

[* - Richard Dawkins Foundation]

If a substantial portion of this turns out to be true, it may be the final nail in the (ir)Rational Response Squad coffin, or at least another nail much closer to that. If it's a false claim against Brian and Kelly, than Reed, whoever he is, has much explaining to do and will no doubt be facing a lawsuit over the matter and appropriately so.

But as noted, if it is true, not only is this another nail added to the coffin, there is the sweet irony of a well-known atheist like Dawkins, who has his own fundie tendencies, being the one to pound the nail home.

For some reason I have a desire for popcorn right now.


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