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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Democrats ushering in a new age

You may remember a song about the age of Aquarius or read about it in history class with regard to the sixties and being associated with the Woodstock generation. It's now become clear that the Democrat party is bringing us a new age. A time with unprecedented depth and transcendent inspiration. Indeed, connecting us to something beyond ourselves, ushering in a defining moment of history that we have been honored to participate in, if only we support one of the leading Democrat candidates.

Barack Obama supporters cry and faint.

Hillary cries and wins.

Rejoice and sing hosannas, with hands raised high, for the age of Emo is upon us and soon to be actuated by either the candidate that makes us cry and faint or the candidate that cries and therefore wins.

Welcome age of Emo, you have brought a tear to my eye.

Then again, that might have been the Emo hair poking me in the eye.


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