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Monday, December 17, 2007

The taming of a shrewd

If only that were a word play on literature or the title of a movie, but Mike Huckabee is all to real and whether or not he will be the Republican candidate for president is far more serious. Despite negative stories regarding his clemency habit, less than serious foreign policy or sly religious bigotry, Huckabee still has enough support from presumably Christian, social conservative voters, to remain strong in the polls.

Speaking of shrewd, Huckabee's Christmas greeting is rather masterful.

The more I think about it, that Huckabee ad may be the most subtly brilliant wedge ad ever. Per my e-mailer, it's bound to kick up a fuss, but in the ensuing fuss, Republican caucus-goers are going to side with Huckabee at least 80-20. So Huckabee is teeing up a controversy that's bound to benefit him, at the same time he can plausibly say, "I didn't mean to kick up any controversy—I was just wishing people Merry Christmas." You can almost hear him saying it already. You've got to give him credit—he's nothing if not very shrewd. (source)

Regarding his support, according to one comment I saw online, a caller to Rush Limbaugh's show said he was a supporter because Huckabee didn't believe in evolution. Unfortunately the caller had little clue about Huckabee's views on other issues. I've seen this type of behavior in Christian circles before. The dismissing of negative information, or less than cavalier concern for gaining more knowledge about a pastor's doctrinal views, are far too common in today's church. It serves Christians no better to repeat such folly in a political campaign.

In churches it's been said we shouldn't question a man of God, that we shouldn't spread negative information or be critical. Sorry, but I've personally seen that time and again, allow very serious moral failures and/or serious doctrinal error and let's not forget the various televangelists bilking their flocks to line their own pockets.

From the commentary going around, the attitude of some appears quite similar. His being a former Southern Baptist minister no doubt has them thinking that Huckabee is only being attacked because he's doing the right thing. I wonder if these Christians would think the same of Bill Clinton? Hillary is attacked as well for that matter. Or is it only Christians, who when attacked, that always and only means that it's the forces of darkness trying to stop their righteous works? Do the names Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart ring a bell?

So sure, Huckabee is shrewd and I'm sure many of his supporters remember the verse that says be wise as serpents. They should also apply that passage to themselves. They should actually consider Huckabee's record despite its negative aspects. The fact that convenient (shrewd) rhetoric aside, his foreign policy sounds like that of a liberal democrat, his foolishly releasing repeat and violent criminals on society, his big government any tax is good tendency, his hypocritical use of religion in a campaign while saying out of the other side of his mouth that it shouldn't be an issue, are only a few of the matters that thinking Christians should consider as they prepare to vote in the primaries.

Do I have much hope that enough Christians will think before voting for Mike Huckabee that his bubble will soon burst? Do the names Benny Hinn, Jan and Paul Crouch, Creflo Dollar or Kenneth Copeland ring a bell?


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