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Friday, January 11, 2008

Fred Thompson owns! SC debate

There is broad agreement that Fred Thompson won this debate hands down. Even the New York Times said that Fred Thompson rocked. One thing that stood out for me is that when Fred would answer a question he would also provide more information about the issue, showing his depth of knowledge and understanding. This contributed to the dramatic results displayed in the Fox News focus group.

Several video excerpts here at Fred Thompson's website

To summarize, Fred Thompson called out Mike Huckabee on his ideals and past actions in government being liberal Democrat, rather than emulating Ronald Reagan's and most certainly not being part of the Reagan coalition. The question was prompted by Huckabee's campaign manager Ed Rollins saying that the Reagan coalition was dead. Sorry, but I'm very much still alive, and have friends that share my views and know many more do, clearly Ed Rollins was merely projecting his and Mike Huckabee's desires, rather than fact.

Fred also noted that he and McCain disagreed on illegal immigration, with McCain supporting a from or element of amnesty. Some are complaining that Fred Thompson didn't more forcefully attack McCain. Let's be realistic here. McCain has great appeal to the military in South Carolina and lately has used his great service in the past as a hammer to criticize others and deflect criticism from his record in government. Fred had a lot to lose in attacking McCain as he did Huckabee. The risks are high enough in this race and Fred Thompson has to select his targets carefully.

Fred did very well with the question concerning Pakistan. It simply is not as easy as anyone would like, despite Huckabee's desire to think so. Certain realities need to be faced, with the highest priority right now being the security of those nuclear weapons and keeping them out of the hands of Islamic radicals and terrorists.

The line about sending the Iranian Republican Guard speed boat idiots to meet their virgins was applauded and rightfully so.

Donations to Fred Thompson's campaign have been coming in at an accelerated pace. They reached their goal for today last night, just after the debate and raised it to only have it on the verge of being exceeded once again. Please do whatever you can to help Fred Thompson, the only Republican who is a consistent conservative that can unite the Reagan coalition with strength and credibility.

Fred08 - Contribute Now

Fred Thompson's campaign site -- donate to Fred Thompson's campaign

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